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Every design, and client, is different - but our focus on clarity is consistent...

This logo was designed for Wind River Search and Rescue, a volunteer backcountry/wildernes SAR team based in Skamania County, Washington.

Many SAR logos attempt to include lots of stuff... I tend to simplify. An important design consideration was that it work well in black and white, or with a spot color.

Both of us enjoy being volunteers with this super organization!

Riverside Graphics also designed the team's Web page.

The logo for the 2002 Washington State Search and Rescue Conference was designed to be simple - and similar to our team's logo - but with its own unique look.

We also put together the Conference Web Site.

This engineering client had great, simple idea that we executed in a way which would let both addresses fit on a business card.

We suggested the layout be printed on Strathmore Elements - Grid paper stock, which gives a clean, high tech look.


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The logo for Skamania County Chamber of Commerce needed to combine many elements. Mountains, forests and water unite to create an outdoor wonderland... from Mount St. Helens, through the Wind River Valley, to the Columbia River Gorge; it is awesome!


The Nature Annex logo needed to cover the wide spectrum of products and services this store offers to those heading for an outdoor adventure; from backcountry gear to the required permits.

By "keepin' it simple" the logo allows the store to define itself by what customers find when they stop in. The print ads we've created for the store are usually more theme than product specific as well.

The Port of Skamania County had their new building designed with a peaked roof which matches a mountain ridge on the far side of the Columbia River Gorge.

This angle became the central theme for their logo.

The web site we designed for them allows the public to keep up with the many thing the Port does for our community.


Growth Associates needed a logo which would lend itself to animation on the web, as well as looking clean and professional in print. "Common sense solutions from outside the dots..." is what this business consulting firm brings to their clients.


541/386-1117 - - Web site by Riverside Graphics

Greg Davenport is a former member of the elite US Air Force Survival (SERE) Instructor Corps. The lessons and skills he developed there are now offered by Simply Survival. His company provides beginning to advanced survival instruction, as well as a comprehensive Ropes Leadership Course.


509/427-4340 -
Web site

Cascade Equipment and Construction need an industrial strength image which works well as a truck/equipment decal.

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Columbia Gorgeous Alpacas wanted to capture both the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge, as well as the whimsy of Alpacas.

The International Society of Professional Trackers is a diverse group of animal and human trackers. Their logo needed to be fairly nonspecific, yet "outdoorsy" in nature.

A computer illustration of the "End of Trail" sculpture is central to the Indian Heaven Outfitters logo.

Fun and whimsical is the order of the day for the talented glass bead artistry of Lee Lynn Thompson with her Motley Glass.

For the Skamania County Sheriff's Office keeping it clean and professional was the priority.

Riverside Graphics is producing the Great Outdoor Exo, Memorial Day Weekend of 2002. The look we developed reflects the "big tent" approach of the Expo; just about any outdoor recreation company is welcome to participate.

For more information on the Expo, visit the web site we're developing for it.

The mission of the Acoustic Information Processing Lab is to perform R&D for the next generation of digital speech and audio processing algorithms. They have incorporated the logo in their web page , as well as in business cards, etc.


When the Forest Service shut down the Wind River Nursery, the property was conveyed to Skamania County. The Wind River Nursery Redevelopment Team was formed to explore possible uses for this prime piece of land in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

A sense of the history was the driving force in this design.

An association of Alpaca Ranchers of SW Washington came to us for their logo. The length of the name, the geographic area and a "ranch" image influenced the final design.

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