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Riverside Graphics, owned by John & Kathleen Carlson,
is located in the Columbia River Gorge near Stevenson, Washington.

With over 25 years of graphic design (and on the Mac since '86), Riverside Graphics has the nuts-and-bolts design experience to get the job done - right.

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Riverside Graphics has been serving clients in the Columbia River Gorge, and around the country since January1992. We focus on quality and convenience for our clients.

Having worked full time in the graphic arts field since 1980 (see John's resume), we provide a great deal of experience - experience which will be applied to the successful completion of your project!

Our definition of a successful graphics project is one which conveys an idea or information to the intended audience with clarity; prompting the desired response.

Too often, it seems, a design actually gets in the way of the message, or nifty technology becomes the end - not the means. The computer is a great tool; but it is just a tool. Understanding the principles of a good design is much more important than how much RAM you have...

Just as important as understanding the principles of good design, is understanding the fundamentals of implementing the design in the "real world." A great design that cannot be easily printed does little for the success of a brochure, just as elaborate graphics may take forever to load on a web page.

We believe that the design should never interfere with the message. Tails need not wag dogs...

We look forward to working with you!


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John Carlson resume

Riverside Graphics

Stevenson, Washington Jan 92 - present

  • Own and operate a full service, computer based graphic design company specializing in providing the convenience of 'remote' graphic services through the phone, fax and modem.
  • Truth Seeker, Inc.

    San Diego, California Feb 90 - Jul 92

  • Contract Art Director/Production Manager: 'Computerized' the publishing process of the World's oldest freethought publication (est. 1873). Redesigned the page format, and electronically assembled each issue from provided text files and graphic elements, as well as creating original art.
    Responsible for training typesetter and print shop personel in the use of 'Desktop Publishing.'
  • Solutions!

    Wilmington, North Carolina Feb 88 - Aug 89

  • Graphics: Created and maintained computer graphics services, explored and evaluated various software packages, set up and operated numerous hardware items (including printers, scanners, modems, etc.), conducted classes, seminars and on-site training/consulting.
    Conducted 'Desktop Publishing' classes at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, in PageMaker and Illustrator - on both the Mac and PC.
    Assisted in creating classes for, and instructing in, a new Computer Training Facility.
  • Showplace Graphics

    Kingsville, Texas Dec 86 - Sep 87

  • Art Department: Produced artwork for screen printing; T-shirts, caps & various advertising specialty items using the Mac, as well as standard layout/drawing tools, vertical camera, etc., screen printing, off-set printing and press maintenance.
  • Chief of Naval Air Training

    Corpus Christi, Texas May 84 - Dec 86

  • Staff Illustrator: Responsible for all graphics projects including production and maintenance of 800+ Aviation Training Forms, statistical briefing materials, visual aids (35mm, overheads, charts displays, etc.). Custom programing of Hewlett Packard 86 computer. Coordination and planning of flag level (Admirals, etc.) functions & ceremonies.
  • Naval Air Station Graphics Shop: In addition to above, responsible for all graphic services for command and departmental level requirements.
  • Naval Station

    Adak, Alaska Jan 83 - Apr 84

  • Graphics Shop: Implemented and operated full service graphics capabilities for command.
  • Print Shop: Assisted in all aspect of printing and related services.
  • U.S. Sixth Fleet

    Gaeta, Italy Aug 80 - Aug 82

  • Staff Illustrator: Responsible for all staff briefings, implementing new procedures for smoother operation. Coordinating print shop and photo lab capabilities for final publication.
  • Intelligence: Maintained near real time intelligence plot, screened incoming source material for dissemination. Top Secret/Special Intelligence clearance with code word access.

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