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In most cases, less is more when it comes to an image to represent your company or organization.

Depending on what your organization is involved with, picking a single (and simple) image which will draw attention to your material is the most effective.

Also keep in mind the different sizes your logo may have to work in; from business cards to billboards and web sites. The various methods of producing your logo should be considered. An image which works well in both black and white and color gives you greater flexibility, and a simple graphic will load much cleaner on your web page.

We will start from scratch, or perhaps you need an existing logo computerize or brushed up a bit... our goal is your success.

Please take a moment to look at some of our samples.



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Business Cards

While small in size, business cards often play a large role in the first impression you make. Serious thought should be given to the image you present.

Remember, your business card is part of your introduction, later a reminder, and then it becomes reference material.

All those jobs require that your business card convey important, basic information; resist the temptation to clutter it up with other stuff.


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Brochures, etc.

The method by which you get information to an audience depends in many ways on the audience. Brochures often work well in a wide variety ways.

Brochures come in many different shapes, sizes, configurations, and costs... From elaborate full color, to simple two sided copies folded by hand, the most important consideration is how the information is presented.

First determine what you want to say, and the words and images you want to say it with. Think in terms of the budget you have worked up for the project.

Then plan how that information flows from panel to panel, guiding the reader in a logical way through the information.

Flyers are another method of getting a message out. These versatile pieces are usually most effective when focused on a single message or idea.

Rack Cards, being the same size as a standard tri-fold brochure, display well in most brochure racks - at a reduced cost.

Let us apply our experience and creativity to your design needs.


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Web Pages

A couple of things to consider for the planning of your page:

  • Who is the intended audience (narrow/broad/unsure)?
  • What is the purpose of the page (Information source? Point of contact? Sales tool? Or, most probably, all of those and more....)
  • Will the contents of your page be static (not recommended), or frequently changed/updated (how often)?
  • What sort of budget will the project have?
  • And, perhaps most important, "The page will be a success if _____________."

    Be considerate of the viewer; complex graphics and photos may be nice – but take a long time to load, and wasting someone's time does not give the best of impressions.

    Understand that the evolving nature of the web is, at best, uncertain... and many web projects are launched without a clear plan; and define themselves as they progress... However, answering at least a couple of the above questions will be of value.

    Let common sense and clarity be your guide.

    Here are some of the web sites we've worked on:

  • Cascade Locks Web Site

    Cascade Locks Tourism Committee
    This site us currently being developed

    Growth Associates Web Site

    Growth Associates

    WRSAR Web Site
    Wind River Search and Rescue
    Washington State Search and Rescue Conference

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