Shepherd Falls Rescue - A fisherman fell into the Wind River ravine just below Shepherd Falls, sustaining head injuries, and a serious fracture to the femur in his right leg - among other various injuries.

After rappelling over 200', medics work quickly to stabilize the patient on a small shelf, at the base of the cliff - the last 50 to 60 feet of which was a straight drop.
A BlackHawk from the 1042nd Medical Company out of Salem, OR arrive on scene, and vectors in on a smoke grenade.
From about a 150' hover, a medic is lowered through the drizzle by cable
As the medics on the ground protect the patient, the crewman nears touch down...
... and lands on the slippery rocks - a credit to the professionalism and ability of the flight crew!
Next a stokes litter (a basket type stretcher) is lowered.

You can see other debris (probably a leaf) being blown around by the rotorwash - which can reach speeds of 100 mph.

Lots of stuff was being blown off the side of the ravine - another good reason for helmets & goggles!

The stokes is almost down. It is important to let anything suspended from a helicopter to "ground" before touching it; a serious static electricity charge oftens builds up - Yow!
I've moved downstream with the tag-line (a rope attached to the stokes to keep it from spinning during the hoist up) as darkness falls.

The patient was hoisted, and the medic followed.

The patient was transported to a hospital, where, last we heard, he was in stable condition. VERY luck.

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